Kabuto Marsh

Kabuto Marsh is located in the northern section of the Sarobetsu Plain in Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park, at the northernmost point of the Kami-Sarobetsu Plain. The marsh has a circumference of approximately 3.5 km and the freshwater lake has a depth of 2 m at its deepest point. It is named after the shape of the lake, which is said to resemble a kabuto, a traditional type of Japanese helmet. The original name was peray-sar-to, which means “reedy marsh where fish can be caught” in the Ainu language. The area around the marsh is maintained as Kabutonuma Park. Kabutonuma Campground and Kabutonuma Autocamping Field can also be found in the park. These popular campsites attract large numbers of visitors every year and are equipped with showers and coin laundry facilities.