Rishiri - Island Station

This place, where many locals and visitors gather to talk, is truly an island station. The old Watanabe Shoten shop was reborn as the Rishiri Island Station Seaweed Village Rishiri thanks to a single piece of seaweed. It now serves as both a workshop and exhibition space for pressed seaweed and a cultural venue. The building is located in the nearly 130-year-old former shop of a seaweed wholesaler known as Kanekami Watanabe Shoten, the oldest building on Rishiri Island. It is now used as a community space where visitors can make pressed seaweed, learn island information, and where local events are held. The building is also home to the Stone Storehouse Gallery, a cafe, and a shop, making it a great place to visit on rainy days. Entry to the building and the gallery is free of charge.