Rishirifuji Spa

Rishirifuji Spa gets its name from the fact that the source is located at the base of Mt. Rishiri, also known as Rishiri Fuji. It has been popular among the people of Rishiri Island for many years, and about 60,000 people come to experience the healing effects of this renowned hot spring each year. An important part of the community, locals of all ages gather for a variety of reasons, from relaxing after a hard day's fishing, to destressing after work and bathing for medicinal purposes. During the tourism season it is a great place to stop by after exploring the great outdoors and enjoy bathing in one of Japan's northernmost outdoor hot springs while taking in the majestic sight of Mt. Rishiri.
The nearby footbath is also a popular spot where visitors can dip their feet in 95°F (35°C) water straight from the source. The footbath is free of charge and can be used from early June to mid-October.