Nakatombetsu Limestone Shizen Fureai Park

At Nakatombetsu Limestone Shizen Fureai Park, you can visit the Nakatombetsu Limestone Caves, which are designated as a Hokkaido natural monument, and interact with various seasonal flora and fauna. In the park you'll find paths that are perfect for strolls amongst nature, and deep in the back is where the Nakatombetsu Limestone Caves are located. These rare caverns were formed nearly 10 million years ago by shell limestone when shellfish, such as ocean barnacles, were deposited here. Because it is rare that a limestone area large enough to develop into caves was formed in such a recent era, the caves are a valuable academic asset.

Tours go about 60 meters deep into the caves, and helmets and flashlights are available for exploring. The temperature inside stays much cooler than the outside in summer, making it the perfect place to visit when you want to beat the heat.

The Nakatombetsu Limestone Cave Moss Phlox festival is held in early June with a barbecue corner, plenty of events, food stalls by eateries in town, and illuminated moss phlox at night.

Nakatombetsu Limestone Shizen Fureai Park is open from May to the end of October from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (closes at 5:00 PM).

Inquiries: 01634-6-1299 (Park Maintenance Office Nukumorikan). If no one is available at this number, please call 01634-8-7663 (Tourism and Community Development Promotion Office, Industry Section, Nakatombetsu Town Hall)