Kaneda Shinsho Calligraphy Museum

The Kaneda Shinsho Calligraphy Museum is dedicated to Kaneda Shinsho, a great name in Japanese calligraphy born in Horonobe. This facility celebrates Kaneda's life and noble pursuit of calligraphy through his works, showcasing the tremendous influence the harsh northern climate had on fostering his rich sense of creativity and artistic sensibilities. The museum also aims to cultivate the spirit and techniques of calligraphy in those who visit.

Construction on the museum began in 1989, with opening day on May 20, 1990. It was built due to popular demand from town residents as part of national efforts to inspire grassroots community development for hometown projects.

The collection encompasses nearly 1,700 pieces of calligraphy from Kaneda, with approximately 400 of his implements including inkstones, brushes, and pottery. Large works are on the first floor, with smaller works and beloved items of Kaneda's on the second floor. Exhibits are changed each April.

Sho Cafe on the first floor features a mini gallery that displays works by clubs from inside and outside town and the general public.

Don't miss the chance to come here, spend some quiet time taking in the art, the relaxing atmosphere, and the scenery through the windows.