Otonrui Wind Power Factory

Situated in the southern part of Sarobetsu Plain, the Otonrui Wind Power Factory is a wind farm in Hamasato, Horonobe, located on the 45th parallel north. Otonrui means "beach road" in the Ainu langauge, and 28 wind turbines form a straight line for 3.1 kilometers in a north-south direction along the Hokkaido Prefectural Route 106 Wakkanai Teshio Line (Sea of Japan Ororon Line).

Because Hamasato faces the Sea of Japan, it is blessed with constant wind year-round, generating nearly 50 million kilowatts of electricity annualy, providing enough power for approximately 12,000 households per year. The nearly 100-meter-high wind turbines standing in a straight makes for an impressive sight that is sure to remain in your memory. A parking area is also available, so you can park your car or motorcyles and relax while taking in the scenery of the wind turbines. On clear days you can see all the way to Mt. Rishiri on Rishiri Island.