Horonobe Folk Museum

The Horonobe Folk Museum opened on May 1, 1988 as an attachment to the Rural Environment Improvement Center, which is located next to Shishokan.

The museum showcases local nature, industry, and life, with displays of farming implements and everyday items used during the pioneer era (prehistoric times), as well as flora and fauna that call Horonobe home, offering a glimpse into the history of how people and nature coexist in the town. There are many stuffed animals such as bears, foxes, and the white-tailed eagle, which is a natural monument, as well as displays of some stuffed animals that almost look alive in how they are arranged. These amazing displays are exciting for visitors of all ages.

It has been 124 years since the hoes of the pioneers were thrust into the ground of the Poro Nup (the Ainu word for "great plain." Stop by the museum and take in a glimpse of the pioneer spirit that forged a new path through the thick forests of the northern lands so long ago.