Hamayuchi Observatory and Rest Facility, Wakkanai City (Kohone no Ie) 

Kohone no Ie is a lookout point and rest facility that opened in April 1989. This the rooftop and terrace of this one-story log building offers incredible views of Mount Rishiri towering over the Sea of Japan and beautiful sunsets. This area is part of Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park. Kohone Marsh lies in front of Kohone no Ie and was formed by the accumulation of spring water from groundwater veins. From early summer, Nuphar pumilum, an endangered species of plant reminiscent of yellow water lilies, can be seen in the area. About 100 species of native flowers, including beach roses and Amur daylilies, also bloom around the marsh. Wooden walkways provide a path through the marsh to enable visitors to get a closer look at the beautiful flora.