Wakkariumu (Noshappu Aquarium and Wakkanai Youth Science Museum) Antarctica Exhibition

Wakkanai City has a long history connecting it to Antarctic research expeditions. Training for the Karafuto ken (Sakhalin huskies) dispatched as the dog sled team for Japan’s first scientific expedition to Antarctica took place in Wakkanai Park. This team included Taro and Jiro, dogs who would go on to become known around the world following the expedition. Based on this connection, the science museum features a collection of materials relating to Karafuto ken and other aspects of Antarctic expeditions. The exhibition also features 1/50 to 1/60 scale models of four ships used for Antarctic research throughout history, including the currently in-service Shirase (AGB-5003). Visitors can also see everyday items from real Antarctic expeditions, including living quarters, cold weather clothing, cold weather footwear and lanterns. Other notable items include samples of antarcticite and one of the four screw blades from the first Shirase (AGB-5002) icebreaker.