Sarobetsu Wetland Center

The Sarobetsu Wetland Center is located to the north of the Sarobetsu Plain and the south of the Kami-Sarobetsu Plain. The wetland runs between Toyotomi Town and Horonobe Town and is one of the three great wetlands of Japan. Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park is the northernmost national park in Japan and is particularly notable as the location of the country’s largest high moor. This area is famous for its magnificent view of Mount Rishiri and features a 1.5 km wooden boardwalk that runs through the primeval flower garden, with a rest area and observation deck along the route. There is also an abundance of plants species such as English sundew and swamp cranberries and wild birds ranging from yellow-breasted buntings to greater white-fronted geese and tundra bean geese. The area contains a peat industry exhibition, former dredging equipment, a museum shop, a rest house and a water purifying wetland.