Kamui Beach

Kamui Beach offers a range of experiences unique to island life, from catching sea urchin to making your own gunkan maki (“battleship sushi”), learning the secrets of Rishiri kelp at a special workshop and fishing for shore crabs. Once strictly a place of work for the local fishing industry, visitors are now able to enjoy a variety of special activities. The nearby Kamui Terrace was built by upon the lava formations created by the volcanic activity of Mount Rishiri. This is a rare opportunity to experience the sometimes violent ways in which nature forms the landscape around us. Featuring a seating area and binoculars, the terrace offers a panoramic 360° view that makes it possible to see “Diamond Fuji”, a phenomenon whereby the sun sits directly above the summit of Mount Rishiri (also known as “Rishiri Fuji”), in the morning and the sun setting over the horizon in the evening. The deck that protrudes out toward the sea is the perfect spot to take in the sight of fishing on the beach while enjoying a morning coffee.