Otatomari Marsh

Otatomari Marsh is considered one of the top four sightseeing spots on Rishiri Island. It is the largest marsh on the island, with a circumference of approximately 1.1 km. The path that runs through the primeval forest surrounding the marsh is perfect for enjoying a relaxing stroll and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to walk along. Flower species endemic to the island can be seen in bloom along the way, including Cirsium umezawanum, Amur daylilies and Arctic irises. A souvenir shop and rest house selling snacks are also located nearby, offering a great opportunity to enjoy some of the cuisine that Rishiri Island has to offer alongside its incredible scenery. Seafood such as sea urchin and scallops caught on the island is available, alongside pure white soft serve ice cream known as mannen yuki sofuto, or “ten thousand-year snow soft serve ice cream”.