Kita-no-Canary Park

Kita-no-Canary Park opened on July 27, 2013 to commemorate the filming of the November 2012 movie A Chorus of Angels (Kita No Kanaria Tachi) at the Misaki Branch School of Reitan Elementary School, which is located in the park and was used as the principal shooting location. After taking in the magnificent views of Mount Rishiri that inspired the crew to shoot in the area, visitors can also see an exhibition inside the school building, which is designed to be enjoyed by existing fans of the movie and newcomers alike. Exhibits include a video summary of the movie, costumes used during production and videos of lead actress Sayuri Yoshinaga, including a special message from Yoshinaga herself. In addition, the Kanaria Cafe opened on June 14, 2020 and is the perfect spot to relax and take in the view of the school building and Mount Rishiri. Takeout is also available, and tables are set up in the school grounds for outdoor dining on sunny days.