Roadside Station Pinneshiri

Roadside Station Pinneshiri is located on National Route 275 heading north toward the Sea of Okhotsk. With the Pinneshiri Hot Springs, campground, cottages, gold dust panning, and canoeing all in this one convenient spot, it is the perfect base for traveling in Nakatombetsu.

The shop at the roadside station sells local Nakatom Milk and soft service ice cream made from it, as well as snacks, sweets, and local specialties. Nakatom Milk is produced by local dairy farmers, and gets its delicious flavor thanks to pasteurization and zero homogenization. Make sure to try some!

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (roadside station stamp hours are the same), closed for year-end/New Year holidays (December 30 - January 3), inquiries: 01634-7-8510 (Nakatombetsu Tourism and Community Development Bureau).