Horonobe Relocation PR Center Horokaru

Horonobe Relocation PR Center Horokaru opened in 2018 at JR Horonobe Station to make it more convenient for people moving into the area, and to create interest in the town. The name "Horokaru" was chosen by children at local daycares, kindergartens, elementary, and junior high schools.

Horokaru offers information on moving to the town and sightseeing information in addition to selling over 80 items with a focus on local specialties. Each and every item here is a treasure, from accessories made of reindeer antlers to hidden railway station goods, postcards decorated with scenery and flowers that bloom in Sarobetsu, and handmade items. In the liquor corner you'll find a selection of sake stored and aged in Mongolian oak casks, each brew with its own robust, unique scent. There is also a recent e-commerce site that promotes the charms of Horonobe.

Horokaru also sells local public transportation tickets to make getting around more convenient and to promote ridership, as well as coastal bus tickets and other items. Bicycles are also available to rent during the tourism season.

The monitors near the entrance show Horonobe sightseeing videos, so why not grab a cup of hot coffee made with beans from the master roaster at Toikanbetsu's Akaneya Coffee, sit back and relax for a spell?

We look forward to seeing you at Horokaru.