Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory PR Center Yumetisoukan

Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory PR Center Yumetisoukan teaches visitors about highly radioactive waste, what kind of process geological disposal is, and why waste is buried. The facility also shows the background of such research, introduces surveys that are currently under way, and features underground scenes and other exhibits. Although geological disposal research may sound like a complicated scientific field, the exhibits at Yumetisoukan are easy to understand. There is also a mock elevator where you can experience traveling 500 meters below the surface of the earth, an interesting, hands-on underground experience, an observation floor with panoramic views of grand scenery, monitors that show real time images of the survey tunnels deep underground, and more. The observation floor at 45 meters high offers views of the entire underground facility construction site and the surrounding terrain, and on clear days, you can see Mt. Rishiri. There are also plenty of things to keep kids interested, such as a 3D exploration of the survey tunnels 350 meters below ground. You don't need reservations to tour Yumetisoukan, so feel free to stop by (Note, however, that reservations are required to tour the underground tunnels).