Horonobe Reindeer Ranch

The Horonobe Raindeer Ranch is the only one of its kind in Japan. The current ranch was renovated and reopened on December 25, 1999 in a spot four kilometers outside the downtown area, and is home to nearly 40 reindeer born in Horonobe.

Entry is free of charge and you can purchase reindeer feed here. You might think that the reindeer will simply eat the feed when getting close to them, but instead they approach the fence and beg for food. Simply reach out your hand and the adorable creatures will come up close where you can peer into their eyes and see their magnificent antlers.

The reindeer are especially energetic in winter when you can see young ones racing around the ranch. You can even make reservations to ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer just like a tale from a children's storybook. Stop by and try it for yourself!

Visit the adjacent Snow Garden from May to September to see some beautiful flowers. The dreamy blue poppy, also known as the Heavenly Fairy, begins to blossom in mid-June.

Restaurant Polo located at the ranch is known for its duck cuisine, with the duck ramen being particularly delicious. You can also try sausage made of reindeer meat.

December is a great time to visit with Christmas events such as the Reindeer White Fest, where there are sleigh rides pulled by reindeer, snowmobiling, mini games, and other fun winter attractions.