Usotannai Gold Mining Park

This authentic gold mining facility opened in 1985, and is open from June 1 to the end of September every year.

Instructors provide detailed explanations of how to pan for gold in the river and in a tank, so even beginners can enjoy their time here. You'll use traditional methods such as a shaking board and a spade-like tool to experience old-fashioned panning on the Usotannai River, where gold dust was first discovered upstream during the gold rush of 1897 to 1906.

The Gold House, which was built in 1988 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of discovering the Usotannai Gold Dust Area, showcases the history of Usotannai Gold Mining Park through various photos, and sells beverages, ice cream, and souvenirs.

Attached to the park is a campground with a kitchen and toilets, and is a great destination for families. Although the park isn't open during winter, the Steller's sea eagle forest nearby is home to the Eagle Tree and is a great place for birdwatching (Please be respectful and follow the rules when birdwatching). Visit the town website for info on parking and things to keep an eye out for.