Usutaibe Senjoiwa Rocks

The Usutaibe Senjoiwa Rocks are also known as the North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park. As its name implies, the entire area is packed with rocks spread out like a tatami mat upon which the waves crash. The unique terrain juts out into the Sea of Okhotsk, and visitors here can enjoy a quiet, peaceful moment listening to the sound of the sea. The sunrise paints the ocean a deep red that can't be seen anywhere else. It is also an auto campground frequented by many during the summer months, whereas in winter, the entire surface of the ocean is packed with drift ice which can be viewed up close. It also serves as the venue for Esashi's biggest event, the Esashi Crab Festival, when the campground is thronged with visitors each year.

【Camping season】
Campground Open: June - August
Note: The campground is free of charge, and no sign-up is necessary.